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AU IDEA: Where your soulmate exists in your dreams. When the right moment comes for you to be bonded with them is when the ‘familiar’ face begins to increase in appearances. Thus resulting in the distinct feeling that this particular person is of major importance. 

Character B dreams of Character A first. Character A already has someone they presume to be their soulmate. However, a bizarre mixup has occurred. Character A dreamt of another person and that other person assumed the roll of Character A's soulmate. Character B then begins to try and woo Character A over, attempting to prove themselves as someone worthy enough to be their soulmate. 


Ne, Sebastian, I stole your bocchan.

You’re sending this letter with an evil chuckle, you’re looking around and your bodyguards are missing.

Out of the corner of your eye you spot him, Sebastian Michaelis.

He cuts out the lights, one by one, silver knives slice through the spot you duck down and luckily avoid— he’s closing in on you- Sebastian Michaelis.

You’re frantically searching for your gun, hands trembling in fear.

When realizing how he’s closing in on you there’s something so distinct about his eyes it causes your legs to lock up in horror. Those eyes, his demeanor is so dark and malicious appearing. By God there’s black flames, black flames everywhere!

Begging for your life, from Sebastian Michaelis.

He’s brandishing a polished knife, Sebastian Michaelis

Appearing before you like a nightmarish fiend. 

The Head Butler to the Phantomhive Earl, Sebastian Michaelis.

Working in the manor, Sebastian Michaelis.

Taking souls for nourishment, Sebastian Michaelis.

Killing all of his adversaries, one hell of a butler— Sebastian Michaelis


Are you still able to draw things?

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If I am commissioned for it! I’m totally game.